The Musicians

Pierre Rettien

Pierre started playing saxophone at the age of 7 and drums at 11. He played in different bands as a teenager and added guitar to his skills at the age of 16.

After highschool, he studied classical saxophone and drums at the Conservatoire de Lyon.

Today he plays in different bands as a drummer and saxophone player: Oct’opus Ensemble, the French pop band Leon 2033, metal or progressive rock bands, etc. He’s also a drums and saxophone teacher.

Bottle Next, which he started with his friend Martin in 2011, is his own project as a singer and songwriter.





Martin Ecuer

Martin had his first drumset at the age of 12 and took classes at a little music school for 8 years. During these years he spent all his time listening to music and visiting concerts of his favourite bands. He was also a member of different bands at the time.

He considers himself a rock drummer, but you will find in his style that he is also influenced by groove, soul and folk. He’s a big fan of the works of drummers like Benny Greb, Dave Grohl, Chris Coleman, Eric Moore or Vinnie Colaiuta.

With Bottle Next he finally found a project where he can truly express himself.